Blur Detection

Ensure the highest image quality possible by detecting motion blur

Enterprises that use our solutions

Sharp images thanks to a customizable blur threshold

The Document Scanner SDK‘s blur detection feature ensures that your users capture crisp scans instead of blurry images. It detects motion blur caused by camera movement and displays a warning if the image crosses a certain blurriness threshold. Users can then capture the document again.

This way, we can guarantee a high-quality image and thus a legible document. The threshold for how much blur is acceptable can be adjusted to suit your backend’s needs.

A clean and crisp input image is essential for automatic processing and data extraction, including OCR. The better the contrast between the text and the background, the easier it is to automatically recognize individual characters and words and turn them into data, which can then be processed by your systems.


Assists the user

Enables backend systems to process data automatically

Ensures perfect scans


Blur Detection

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