QR code use cases – Creative ways to streamline office life

May 21, 2021

When was the last time you have encountered a QR Code in your day-to-day life? Probably not too long ago, as this versatile 2D-barcode is one of the most popular ones ever since its establishment in 1994. But let's talk about the benefits it could bear for your business operations.

What are the core advantages of QR Codes?

So, those codes are widespread, but why? That question can be answered quickly. Let's take a look at the benefits offered by the QR Code:

If you want to learn more about QR codes' specific characteristics, you can check out our related blog post.

How can my business profit from QR Codes, and what is the easiest way to integrate them into a workflow? 

As QR Codes can store a large amount of information, they can be used flexibly for any use case across industries. Popular examples are marketing (we've all seen QR Code stickers or brochures and posters with this symbology), ticketing (a while ago at least, when concerts and traveling were still a thing), or the postal dispatch of goods.

Easily said, QR Codes are one of the most convenient ways to store and transmit information safely and can thus be profitable for company internal communication and organization. And you won't even need a dedicated employee app for this. 

With QR Code Scanning on your company website (or inside an app, with Scanbot, the choice is up to you), you can improve: 

Your approach to open workplaces: Especially during COVID-19, office space has become a relevant topic, as companies need to lower the number of employees per room to maintain a safe working environment. But not just due to the pandemic, desk management is going to be a more prominent topic in the future. Working remotely is going to become the new normal for many companies and their staff. Consequently, concepts with flexible working space and time, instead of designated desks and 9 to 5-time frames, are going to gain traction. Whenever someone wants to leave their home office and work together with their co-workers, they'll be joining the office. As not all employees will be present at any time, this approach will include reducing the office space in general, of course. But who wants to arrive at work and face the issue of no desk being available? Weekly plans are going to disrupt the flexibility that was the initial focus. Here, QR Code Scanning comes in handy:

  1. Tom wants to join the office in about an hour. 
  2. He logs into his company's website or internal app to see if there are any desks available. Luckily, there is lots of space which he can use.
  3. After arriving at the office, Tom chooses one of the desks and scans the QR Code attached to it. The information is transferred to the booking overview in real-time for every co-worker to see. 
  4. When leaving, Tom scans the QR Code once again to sign out from the desk.

This solution is highly flexible and allows keeping track of who sat next to each other at what time, which is a game-changer during the pandemic.

As always, there are endless further opportunities to use QR Code scanning for your internal operations, depending on the particular use case that you are trying to cover.

In case we raised your interest in integrating a QR Code Scanner into your workflow, we would love to discuss your ideas and questions with you. Do you want to test our functionalities first? No worries, we offer a free Demo App for both Android and iOS.

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