Scanbot SDK

Scanbot SDK

Quickly enable document scanning with cutting-edge image processing in your app!

Available for

iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, React

Everything you need to easily build scanning capabilities into your mobile applications

The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS and Android projects right away! We offer dedicated support, free updates during the license runtime and continuous improvements. We are actively developing and releasing new features for the SDK.

You can develop natively or use our Cordova and Xamarin wrapper implementations. The core of the SDK is written in platform independent C++. Wrappers for iOS and Android are written in native Obective-C and Java respectively and are optimized to be used in modern Swift 3 or Kotlin projects.

The Scanbot SDK is already integrated into many applications with 10s of millions of customers. And it powers our own B2C app Scanbot with over 7 million customers. We offer dedicated support, continuous improvements and extension of the SDK's functionality.

Core Features

  • Document Detection

    Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

  • Scanning UI

    Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

  • Perspective Correction

    Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

  • Cropping UI

    User interface to crop pages with easy-to-use magnetic handles

  • Image Processing

    Use image processing filters for perfect color, greyscale or black & white documents

  • PDF Creation

    Create a multi-page PDF file with sandwiched OCR text

  • Privacy

    Everything happens on the device with no server connection required

  • Text Recognition (OCR)

    On-device OCR with machine learning optimization for perfect privacy

  • Cheque Scanning

    Real-time extraction of account & routing number

  • Money Transfer Form Scanning

    Real-time extraction of IBAN, BIC, Value, Addressee, Reference

  • Barcodes

    Automatic data extraction from a large variety of 1D or 2D picture codes

  • QR Codes

    Automatic data extraction and classification of contacts, locations, calendar events, URLs and more…

  • Data Intelligence

    On-device semantic analysis and heuristics through machine learning

  • Speed up your development

    Benefit from our 7 years of experience in scanning documents

Download the high performance SDKs

Check out our repositories by following the links below to download the SDK, implementation samples and the documentation. The SDK on GitHub is provided as a demo version and will only work for one minute. To obtain our no-strings-attached free 30 day trial license please get in touch.

Top reasons to choose Scanbot SDK

Our license model is fair and without any hidden fees. You only pay an annual flat fee per platform and app. No initial setup costs and no pay-per-user pricing. So your success in scaling the number of users for your app will not hurt you financially.

No one can compete with the Scanbot SDK in terms of privacy and security. All operations are only taking place on the devices of the users. Without any network connection or obscure third party services involved.

This results in peace of mind regarding men-in-the-middle attacks, privacy concerns and complying with local laws about the location of servers etc.

The Scanbot SDK comes with a on-device OCR solution which supports more than 50 languages. The training data for classification and analysis is already part of the package and doesn't need to be downloaded or computed by a server.

The Scanbot SDK is already used by many apps. Most publicly by our award winning Scanbot app for iOS and Android. Scanbot is utilized by 7 million people worldwide and used to scan more than 1 million documents each month.

This guarantees that the SDK is well tested on thousands of different Android and iOS devices all around the world. We're constantly improving the SDK and are closely following the advancements of iOS and Android to offer the best possible and most advanced technologies.

Available Packages

We are offering the SDK with a yearly flat license model, meaning we don’t take any volume based variables into account (e.g. number of scans). A license always applies to an unique app identifier per operating system (OS). The final price depends on the functionality you require (P Ⅰ, P Ⅱ, P Ⅲ) and the number of OS you want to use the SDK on.

  • Package Ⅰ

    • Document Detection
    • Cropping
    • User Guidance
    • Image Optimization
    • Color Filters
    • PDF Creation
  • Package Ⅱ

    • Document Detection
    • Cropping
    • User Guidance
    • Image Optimization
    • Color Filters
    • PDF Creation
    • OCR
  • Complete Package

    • Document Detection
    • Cropping
    • User Guidance
    • Image Optimization
    • Color Filters
    • PDF Creation
    • OCR
    • Data Extraction Features

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