Scanbot 5

Scanbot 5

Document & QR Code Scanner

Scanbot is the leading document and QR code scanner with cloud upload for iOS and Android.

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Scan Fast & in High‑Quality

  • Auto-Detection
  • Multi-Page Documents
  • OCR Pro

Just hold your mobile device over a document and the app will automatically recognize it and take the scan in the perfect moment. Scanbot is blazingly fast: it takes only seconds to scan and save as a PDF or JPEG. Scan anything - from a simple receipt to a multi-page contract.

Scans will be delivered with more than 200 dpi - a quality on par with professional desktop scanners. The app will automatically optimize the scan by applying blur- and skew-reduction as well as perspective correction.

Save & Share Easily

  • Workflows
  • Smart Renaming Pro
  • Folders Pro

Effortlessly store and share your scans. Upload them to your favorite cloud storage service into a folder of your choice. You can either manually choose the cloud service or let Scanbot do the work automatically. One tap lets you send your scanned document via email. Our new workflows feature ensures that your most common choices are always just a tap away.

More Features

  • Edit and Sign Pro

    Highlight important information, attach comments or add your signature to any document.

  • Color Optimization

    You can optimize your scans for black and white, grayscale and color.

  • QR-Code Scanner

    Scanbot detects QR codes: URLs, contacts, phone numbers, locations, hotspots etc.

  • Beautiful Themes Pro

    With a broad selection of individual themes you can pick your preferred look and feel.

  • Passcode and Touch ID Pro

    Lock Scanbot with a unique passcode or with your fingerprint (Touch ID, iOS 8+ only). Protect your PDF scans, too.

  • Naming Templates Pro

    Choose a name template for your scans, e.g. the date and time or even location based names.

User Feedback

  • Twitter @stephenbeatty

    I think @scanbot has just become my fav iPhone document scanner app. Very fast. Just scanned my 20 pg tax return in about a minute.

  • MacLife

    Scanbot certainly isn’t the first scanning app for the iPhone, but it might be the first one we actually use regularly.

  • Twitter @capellmeister

    Schluss mit der Zettelwirtschaft. Holt euch @scanbot für iOS. Einfacher gehts nicht mehr :)

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