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Mobile Scanner SDK Solution for Business-Apps

Get the award winning features of Scanbot for your app. Add a scanner for documents, QR-Codes, Bar Codes, MRZ, and more to your own app. Increase the productivity of your workflows and save valuable development time.

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Discover the amazing Features of Scanbot

  • All Media

    All Media

    Scan all kinds of documents: contracts, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, flip charts notes, newspaper articles, etc.

  • QR-Code Scanner

    QR-Code Scanner

    Scanbot detects QR codes: URLs, contacts, phone numbers, locations, hotspots etc.

  • Barcodes


    Scan barcodes on any product and easily search for it.

  • Workflows


    Perform common tasks with one tap, like saving a document to a specific folder or sharing it via email.

  • Lightning Fast

    Lightning Fast

    Scan your documents as fast and easily as you can imagine.

  • Document Detection

    Document Detection

    Just hold your mobile device over a document and let Scanbot take the scan for you in the perfect moment.

  • Color Optimization

    Color Optimization

    You can optimize your scans for black and white, grayscale and color.

  • Perspective Correction

    Perspective Correction

    Scanbot’s perspective correction straightens the scanned document before it gets converted into a PDF file.

  • Multi-Page Documents

    Multi-Page Documents

    Digitize anything like a multi-page contract or several pages of meeting notes.

  • Auto-Upload


    Save your scans to your favorite cloud service – to a custom folder and automatically, if you like.

  • PDF & JPEG

    PDF & JPEG

    Save your scans as a PDF or as a picture in the JPEG file format.

  • Fax Sending

    Fax Sending

    Scan any document and send it as fax in more than 50 supported countries.

Unleash the power of Scanbot Pro

  • Text recognition (OCR)

    Text recognition (OCR)

    The cutting-edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology automatically recognizes and extracts text from your scans.

  • Edit and Sign

    Edit and Sign

    Highlight important information, attach comments or add your signature to any document.

  • Fast Full-Text Search

    Fast Full-Text Search

    With OCR all your scans automatically become searchable. Just enter a search term and you will immediately find what you need.

  • Passcode and Touch ID

    Passcode and Touch ID iOS

    Lock Scanbot with a unique passcode or with your fingerprint (Touch ID, iOS 8+ only). Protect your PDF scans, too.

  • Quick Actions

    Quick Actions

    Act directly on information contained in your scans. You can call a number, open a URL or navigate to a place.

  • Naming Templates

    Naming Templates

    Choose a name template for your scans, e.g. the date and time or even location based names.

  • Smart File Naming

    Smart File Naming

    Rename scans quicky with predefined placeholders of your location, calendar entries, date & time or custom placeholders.

  • Beautiful Themes

    Beautiful Themes

    With a broad selection of individual themes you can pick your preferred look and feel.

  • Folders

    Folders iOS

    Create folders for your scans and sync them with iCloud Drive on your Mac or Windows PC.

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