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A Dutch provider of digital inventory management and restocking solutions in the B2B sector


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20+ employees


iOS & Android

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React Native

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Barcode Scanning that allows the integration of products into an all-digital restocking & inventory management workflow


Barcode Scanner SDK

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BarTrack wanted an accurate Barcode Scanning solution they could integrate into their iOS & Android applications to enable automated order management processes with real-time visibility and reduce errors caused by manual data entry.

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For this use case, BarTrack required an accurate and reliable Barcode Scanner SDK that works without friction, even without an internet connection, or under low light conditions. Another critical requirement of BarTrack was cover for a wide range of barcodes, such as the complex standard MSI Plessey and other symbologies typically used by suppliers.

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With the Scanbot SDK, BarTrack integrated a cutting-edge scanning component into their mobile applications, combining a flawless user experience (UX) with reliable scanning results. Integration took only a single day, due to the detailed documentation, ready-to-use UI components, and comprehensive customer support.

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100% experienced accuracy

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Unlimited scanning

Very pleasant cooperation with the team. Very smooth communication via Slack and great to see that agreed-upon targets were actually met! It was really a joy to work with Scanbot.

— Bart Grol
CEO @ BarTrack

— Bart Grol
CEO @ BarTrack

Bart Grol BarTrack

Fast integration & highest accuracy – BarTrack faced the following challenges

Dutch company BarTrack designed a mobile solution that connects businesses with currently around 20 industry-leading wholesalers. The vision: to digitize automated ordering processes and inventory management. As an independent provider, they created a digital channel for efficient digital ordering and inventory management processes.

One of the desired key functionalities of BarTrack’s mobile application was to bring physical products into the digital workflow through barcode scanning capabilities. Using these scanning components, users can scan the barcode on an item and directly order it from their chosen supplier – all on their smartphones. Currently, over 1.9 million products can be seamlessly ordered in this way.

Besides a smooth user experience, precision was a core factor for BarTrack when choosing the right SDK. When replacing error-prone, manual entry with digital alternatives, high-accuracy data capture is critical to actually save users time and money compared to conventional order processing and inventory management workflows. Thus, BarTrack needed their chosen Scanner SDK to create perfect results, even under bad lighting conditions, without a stable internet connection, or from difficult angles. To create a suitable order management system for a variety of wholesalers and businesses, cover for a large range of barcode standards was another critical requirement.

Additionally, BarTrack needed a scanning module suitable for hybrid development on iOS and Android via React Native, a multilingual user interface, and ready-to-use components.

The perfect fit – how Scanbot helped BarTrack create a first-class user experience

Success story BarTrack Barcode Scanning

BarTrack’s team sought an SDK provider with a proven track record. With 10 years of experience in scanning and data extraction, Scanbot provided them with the perfect solution for process automation. The Scanbot SDK’s fixed pricing model, ready-to-use UI components, and high-precision scanning of a wide range of covered barcode types, including MSI Plessey, met all of BarTrack’s requirements.

Scanbot’s next-generation Barcode Scanning v3 engine combines speed, accuracy, and flexibility. With a rate of 113 scans/minute, around 98% accuracy, and sophisticated features like multi-scanning and barcode filters, it is the ideal solution for Barcode Scanning use cases across industries.

Launching a new app project requires finding solutions quickly, keeping both integration time and upfront paperwork at the minimum. Scanbot’s simple licensing model, comprehensive customer support, and easily integrated RTU UI components were thus the perfect fit for BarTrack. And: They successfully added the module to their application within just one day.

Placing orders with just one click – scan 113 barcodes per minute with BarTrack & the Scanbot SDK

Digital orders became a single tap with BarTrack and the Scanbot SDK. Let’s take a look at what an ordering workflow looks like in the BarTrack app:

Success story BarTrack Digital Order Workflow

This workflow takes just seconds. Customers expect to place orders and manage their inventory both easily and rapidly to altogether speed up their business processes. Together with Scanbot, BarTrack now offers an effortless restocking workflow based on mobile Barcode Scanning with an experienced accuracy of 100% for a seamless customer experience.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK, BarTrack benefits from the following results:

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113 scans/minute

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Fast integration

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Wide range of barcodes

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WOWed users

Scanbot’s mission and vision

Originally, Scanbot wanted to scan everything: from simple barcodes to freight bills, medical certificates, and invoices – and now it can! There are endless ways this can make things easier for businesses and their customers. Our easy-to-integrate software simplifies workflows in document management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR.

Now, Scanbot applies machine learning to understand each individual document type. This opens up new usage scenarios, such as automated document workflows, and creates even more opportunities to connect and work with data in real-time.

Besides, Scanbot highly values the security of its users’ sensitive data. The Scanbot SDK works exclusively with on-device intelligence, which keeps documents safe from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is ever stored on Scanbot’s servers or any third-party servers, satisfying the highest data protection standards.

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