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The Scanbot SDK adds smart document capture, barcode & QR-code scanning, as well as OCR and data extraction features to your mobile applications using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. This helps your business to scan anything, extract data, and herewith automate your processes - no matter your use case.

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How to get a quote?

To get the right quote for your use case, we would like to gain an understanding of which solution best solves your individual requirements. The process is straightforward: simply complete the form, and one of our solution experts will contact you. The minimum term of the agreement is one year with prices starting from 20.000,00 Euro.

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Our licensing model

Each and every one of our Packages comes with a yearly flat license fee - especially designed for larger or high-usage applications.

Package 0

  • QR codes & bar codes

Package I

  • QR codes & bar codes
  • Document scanner

Package II

  • QR codes & bar codes
  • Document scanner
  • OCR
  • Data scanner
  • MRZ
  • Multi-object detection

Package III

  • QR codes & bar codes
  • Document scanner
  • OCR
  • Data scanner
  • MRZ
  • Multi-object detection
  • EHIC
  • Data extraction

No limits

We don’t take any volume-based variables into account. Our fee covers unlimited usage in terms of downloads, users, and scans!


We provide enterprise-level support via Slack. Developers can directly communicate with developers - without any additional costs and with a response time of less than 24 hours.


There will never be any costly set-up, maintenance, or update fees. What you pay is what you get!

New features

We believe in customer-centric development and the value our solutions provide. New features and improvements added to your package are free of charge.


We highly value Customer Success Management and focus on delivering a solution for your individual case. Therefore, each of our customers has a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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What is the licensing model for the Scanbot SDK?

It is a flat license model that can be purchased annually, giving you access to the Scanbot SDK features, support, and any updates during the license period.

How is the pricing for the Scanbot SDK structured?

The Scanbot SDK is offered in four different packages. Each package includes different functionalities. To determine which one satisfies your needs, click on contact us.

Can I scan as much as I want?

Yes! Since the Scanbot SDK operates only on your end-users' mobile devices and never connects to any server associated with Scanbot, we cannot track any volume-based variables. Hence, you can scan and scale your business and still pay a flat fee.

Do you have access to the documents scanned with the Scanbot SDK?

As mentioned before, the Scanbot SDK operates solely offline. As a customer, you specify (and implement the mechanism) to which server you would like to upload any scanned documents from your users. Still, it will never be a server controlled directly or indirectly by Scanbot. In addition to that, the Scanbot SDK is 100% GDPR compliant.

Does the Scanbot SDK offer various output formats and filtering options?

The team behind the Scanbot SDK always aims to understand our clients and their respective specific requirements. Therefore, we are in close exchange with each client to guarantee that we build industry-specific and custom features for every use case. Today, the Scanbot SDK offers .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg, and raw image data as an output format. This enables our clients to individually specify the output format regarding their requirements, and herewith built the first step to increase the automatic processing of documents. Besides the various available output formats, Scanbot offers a broad range of filters that can be fully customized to work perfectly with your requirements.

What does the future roadmap look like?

Our Scanbot SDK is continuously getting better. We never settle. In the beginning, Scanbot wanted to be able to scan everything. After achieving that, Scanbot wants to help you extract all the data from the documents as labeled key-value pairs and finally “understand” what is being scanned. We’ve been in business for over nine years specializing in scanning & data extraction, and have built a tremendous track record. With the vision of building algorithms that will understand and interpret scanned documents, we are always taking one step further towards document intelligence.

› I have more questions, can I talk to a human?

Of course, our team is ready to assist. You can contact our solution experts here.