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Boost productivity by enabling users to scan multiple barcodes without interruption

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Smartphones as Batch Barcode Scanners

Non-stop barcode detection for a frictionless workflow – Batch Scanning with the Scanbot SDK

Smartphones as Barcode Scanners provide the same high-level performance, speed, and accuracy as conventional linear imagers or laser scanners – at low TCO and on the go.

State-of-the-art software, such as the Scanbot Barcode Reader, offers productivity features like Batch Scanning. This allows users to scan a whole series of barcodes without stopping. An intuitive user interface guarantees easy, efficient barcode detection.

Even high-volume use cases, like production, inventory, or shipping, can now be tackled efficiently with just a standard smartphone or tablet. Batch scanning allows your users to easily register multiple products or loads before completing the detection.

The detected information is then available directly on the device for further processing. Thus, your employees no longer need to use a separate computer to finish their task.

Key feature highlights

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98.7% accuracy

Uninterrupted scanning

All 1D and 2D barcodes

Scanning software for products

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