Optimizing the digital workflow of an international logistics company

The Goal: Optimizing the internal workflow by integrating a Scanner SDK

The portrayed logistics company wanted to optimize its processes internally and create a time-efficient workflow for its truck drivers, which does not necessarily require a stable internet connection. Since lots of drivers are usually passing through rural areas, there is often no network connection available. The mission was to develop an internal app for all its full-time drivers and freelance drivers to digitize and hand in every kind of document directly to the headquarters.

The challenge

With around 5,000 employees, the logistics company is dealing with a massive load of documents. Their drivers are making more than 1,000 deliveries every week, each connected to a wide variety of documents such as Bills of Lading, Delivery Receipts, or Scale Tickets. All of them should reach the headquarter as fast as possible to be processed, forwarded, or archived.. One thing is clear: That's a lot of hard copies and processed information every week and the manual work is subject to flaws and subsequent inaccurate results. A mobile scanning app has proved to be the perfect solution to make the whole workflow faster, with high-quality copies and the possibility to automate tasks based on the content. Moreover, integrated text recognition makes it much easier to copy content without mistakes.

Before using the mobile app, the truck drivers collected all their documents and then brought them to the headquarter every few days. There, they were categorized and evaluated. This inefficient process used to take up way too much time. Especially when there were a lot of deliveries in a short period.

Gathering all of this paperwork as physical documents often led to loss or damage, impeding the further workflow and leading to more inaccuracies when entering the data manually. These factors resulted in a tremendous amount of time-related effort and, of course, created high costs.

How Scanbot was able to help

After a conversation with Scanbot's solution expert Max Stratmann, it quickly became clear that the logistics company needed a high scan quality to avoid errors and a reliable OCR functionality. Additionally, they figured out that integrating a barcode- and QR-Scanner SDK would be contributing to their workflow in terms of efficiency and accuracy. The company decided to go with the Scanbot SDK Package II and benefit from the MRZ functionality to verify their drivers.

Right after finding the perfect solution, their developers implemented the SDK into their Cordova developed application for iOS and Android within a few business days. The integration was smooth and straightforward, also due to the SDK's ready-to-use UI.

By implementing the Scanbot SDK, the company was able to significantly optimize their internal processes by cutting effort, time, and costs when it comes to document management. The offered functionalities such as barcode- and QR-code recognition, document scanning and OCR, combined with a customizable user interface, are perfectly suitable for a logistics company's needs.

"The Scanbot SDK enabled the company to smoothly integrate various scanning features into its new application - all within a few business days!"
— Max Stratmann, CSO of Scanbot

The most significant advantages:
Document Detection and User Guidance

A common issue for logistics companies is the poor quality of either the documents themselves or the photo of them, which drivers send to the headquarters. Sometimes, no information can be detected because of poor lighting, blurred images, or the document being way too small. At this point, the Scanbot SDK becomes handy. The SDK's User Guidance leads users into the right position for a flawless scan and gives the drivers live feedback on lighting and perspective. Additionally, physical paperwork becomes obsolete.

Offline solution - The Scanbot SDK is built for being on the road

One of the biggest challenges in the logistics sector is mobile data coverage. Sometimes the drivers are in areas where little or no cellular connection is available to the drivers. The Scanbot SDK does not require an internet connection. Scans can be made entirely offline. With this solution, all members of the company's fleet enjoy the opportunity of scanning documents - independent of their location. After reconnecting to the internet, the scans can be sent to the headquarter.

Data transmission in real-time

Any document transfer is happening in real-time thanks to the Scanbot Scanner SDK. The data is being sent to the headquarter right after the scan has been taken, and payments for deliveries or the refund of tank-costs or cleaning expenses can be initiated within a few minutes - a far more practical option for the company's drivers, increasing their personal satisfaction.

Highest privacy and data protection standards

The Scanbot SDK does not require an internet connection - documents can be scanned entirely offline. Therefore, documents are safe from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is stored on a Scanbot-owned server or on a third party's server - offering the highest data protection standards.

Results of implementing the Scanbot Scanner SDK

  • Lower overheads
  • More efficient workflow
  • The real-time interchange between drivers and headquarters

Scanbot's mission and vision

Initially, Scanbot wanted to be able to scan everything from simple bar codes to bills of lading, medical certificates, or invoices – nowadays, this has become a reality! There are endless possibilities to make work easier for companies and their customers. The easy to integrate software simplifies workflows in document management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR.
Scanbot now strives to understand every document type, using machine learning technology. Herewith, new scenarios like automated document workflows are possible, offering even more options to connect and act on data in real-time.

Apart from this, Scanbot attaches great importance to the security of the sensitive data of their customers and their users. The Scanbot SDK requires no internet connection - documents can be scanned completely offline. Therefore, the documents are secure from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is stored on Scanbot's own server or on a third party server - this provides the highest data protection standards.

Company Overview

Logistics Company (Supply Chain and Transportation)

Company Size

5,000 Employees


iOS and Android

Development Platform



Driver App (internal use)

Optimizing the digital workflow of an international logistics company

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July 7, 2020

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