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Document Encryption

Safeguard sensitive documents using on-device encryption
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A secure way to save and upload documents

The Document Scanner SDK can encrypt all scanned documents in the SDK app folder. You can, for example, use the AndroidX Crypto solution or the iOS SBSDKAES Encrypter. Additionally, we provide a custom AES-based encryption solution and also support the integration of your own encryption solution.

Encryption provides an additional level of security for the default storage locations of the native SDKs. All generated image files (including previews) and the exported PDF and TIFF files will be encrypted in memory and stored as encrypted data files on the device’s flash storage. For image operations like cropping, rotation, or image filters, the Scanbot SDK will decrypt the image file in memory, apply the changes, re-encrypt it, and store it again.

Our Document Scanner SDK is 100% GDPR- and CCPA-compliant. By enabling its encryption features, you can improve privacy and security even further. If you need to transmit sensitive documents, this will ensure that no confidential information will fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties.

Key feature highlights

Password protection

100% offline

Protected against unauthorized access

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