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Document Scanner SDK

This is how our Document Scanner SDK works

optical character recognition technology

With our document scanner SDK, scanning becomes more convenient than ever. To scan a document, you only need to hold your smartphone over it. Our SDK automatically handles the rest. The result is a perfect PDF or images for each page (JPG, PNG, or TIFF format). Throughout the scanning process, our automatic detection feature finds the document and guides you into the best possible position. The SDK automatically takes a photo, crops and filters it. Of course, the look of the scan matters. Therefore our image filters are highly tuned to filter shadows, crumpled paper, and reflections. The result is a sharp, bright and accurate scan.

Our document scanner scans everything

The SDK has the capability to scan any rectangle with text. Besides documents of any kind, you can scan receipts, business cards, labels, whiteboards, displays, meters and more.

multiple types of scannable documents
  • Documents
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Business Cards
  • Meeting Notes

Our Scanbot SDK does not only integrate a complete, high-class document scanning solution into your application but also comes with various data extraction features such as machine-readable zones (MRZ) extraction or text recognition (OCR).

Cropping & Perspective Correction

ocr technology transforms text documents into pdfs and images

Our outstanding automatic cropping and perspective correction ensures that scans look just like the original. The edge detection is visible as a rectangle in the live camera so you already know what result to expect. Additionally, the SDK comes with a feature to adjust the crop manually.

Intelligent Image Filtering

ocr technology transforms text documents into pdfs and images

Over the years we have developed and tuned a set of image filters that work perfectly for documents. We have filters for every type of document and use-case. The Black & White Filter with its extreme compression allows for tiny files. Our Grayscale and Color filters are tuned for documents with images and preserve all details. Our Magic Color filter goes a step further and features automatic content detection to optimize parts of the page accordingly. The result is a bright and sharp document that looks like an enhanced digital version of the original.

  • Smart paper-background removal
  • Image and text enhancement
  • Export in full-color, grayscale or binarized (1bit TIFF)
Max Stratmann

Max Stratmann

Chief Sales Officer

Get the best scan solution for your app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the license fee of the EHIC scanner.

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