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Say goodbye to manual data entry now: Track and manage assets with mobile devices

Asset tracking systems that rely on manual data collection are prone to error, resulting in incorrect registration of physical assets. This outdated, time-consuming method can easily be replaced by a modern barcode tracking system. To do so, enterprises can add barcode scanning capabilities to budget smartphones and attach unique barcode labels to raw materials or products. This way, they create cost-effective workflows.

Whether in inventory management, stock control, or lifecycle management – all necessary data can then be accessed within milliseconds and viewed directly on the mobile device. With the right tools, businesses can easily increase inventory accuracy and achieve end-to-end tracking along the entire value chain. Solutions like the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK provide the flexibility, accuracy, and ease of use you need to bring your asset management to the next level.

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Asset Barcode Scanner

Streamline your asset management system with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

  1. An employee wants to add information on a specific item to the asset tracking system.
  2. They simply scan the item’s barcode label and immediately transfer the information to the asset management software.
  3. On-the-spot mobile scanning saves time – there is no need to access a stationary computer. The accuracy of the scanning module ensures accurate data collection.
  4. Error-free data capture ensures smooth operations and a reliable, consistent database.

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