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The UPC-E is a one-dimensional barcode that stores 8 numeric characters, which form the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). One digit, the check digit, is auto-generated. Please enter 7 digits. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a UPC-E code?

A UPC-E code is a shorter version of a UPC-A barcode. It is a condensed form of a UPC-A barcode that is used to save space on smaller products.

How do I create a UPC-E?

To create a UPC-E barcode, you can use specialized software or an online generator. These tools allow you to input the data you want encoded in the barcode and then generate the UPC-E barcode image.

How many digits does a UPC-E barcode have?

A UPC-E barcode has 6 digits. It is created from a UPC-A barcode by removing the leading and trailing zeros, as well as the middle number that is not needed. This is done to shorten the barcode, making it more suitable for small products.