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Accessing in-store product reviews through Mobile Barcode Scanning

Consumers are more likely to buy if they trust the retailer and the products. Retailers can build that trust by giving customers instant access to product information and reviews, and so increase their revenue. With the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, potential buyers can see customer reviews with only one scan.

Improve your customers’ shopping experience and build trust with product reviews that are just a scan away.

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RIMI Baltic Success Story

Scanbot SDK was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot SDK, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

Mobile Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

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The trusted Barcode Scanner SDK in retail

For most users in the retail industry, the most important criteria of a trusted barcode scanning solution is reliability – it should just work. The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK does exactly that – in any scenario, no matter the conditions.

Low background contrast

Any angle

Tiny barcodes

Poor lighting

Corrupted and blurred barcodes

Possibility to scan from distances >1 m

Reflective surfaces

1D and 2D Barcodes

All common barcodes

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