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Turn a smartphone into an Inventory Barcode Scanner

Replace outdated hardware scanners and provide your employees with the fastest barcode scanning experience & real-time data on the go

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Fast & reliable – smartphones replace outdated hardware

Barcoding is an essential part of various retail workflows. Still, only a few costly wireless barcode scanners provide data access on the spot. Retail employees need to handle all inventory management tasks on portable devices to reach the highest efficiency.

Utilizing a Barcode Scanner SDK inside your internal app that interferes with your inventory management software, your team can manage inventory by scanning barcodes attached to items, guaranteeing fast and accurate data capture. As they can access all information directly on the smartphone, your employees are no longer required to access external hardware to track inventory, saving many working hours compared to manual or partly digitized inventory management.

Key feature highlights

113 barcodes per minute

113 barcodes per minute

Barcode accuracy

100% accurate data collection

Unlimited scanning included

A Scanbot-empowered inventory workflow


Scan the barcode attached to an item or storage unit.


Enter the encoded data, e.g., the number of items in a box, into the inventory system – directly on the device.


Process the information automatically in the backend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

How do you use a barcode scanner for inventory?

Wireless inventory scanners are used to scan product barcodes. After the scanning is completed, inventory management software processes and tracks all the extracted data.

Is there an app to scan inventory barcodes?

You can easily scan inventory barcodes using a Barcode Scanner SDK inside your mobile application.

Can I use my iPhone as a barcode scanner for inventory?

Yes. After integrating a Barcode Scanner SDK into your iOS app, any iPhone can work as a mobile inventory barcode scanner.