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When selling age-restricted goods, properly verifying the customers’ age is crucial. However, in the bustle of retail, verification of documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses or passports is usually a nuisance for employees and customers. Hence, it is often done half-heartedly. With the Scanbot Data Capture SDK, retail employees can quickly and accurately scan their customers’ documents. With the scanned data, the retailer’s app can confirm the customers’ age. In fact, with a mobile app, equipped with the Scanbot SDK, users can verify their age without employee assistance. This further relieves retail staff.

Integrate Mobile ID scanning into your apps, speed up the age verification process, and minimize human error.

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RIMI Baltic Success Story

Scanbot SDK was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot SDK, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

Mobile Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

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