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In Germany, doctors can prescribe medicines via electronic prescriptions linked to a patient’s health insurance card. Unlike traditional paper prescriptions, these no longer have to be sent to online pharmacies by post.

You can also allow patients to upload their e-prescription via your app and then forward it to a local pharmacy. This makes it easy to order medication in advance, and patients can pick it up as soon as it arrives.

If the e-prescription is stored on the smartphone, it can be called up at any time and printed out if required. A Data Matrix code with a unique token ensures that a prescription cannot be redeemed more than once.

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E-prescription Scanner
E-prescription Scanner

Data Matrix Code Scanner for your mobile app

The Data Matrix codes on the e-prescription encode unique tokens that pharmacies can use to download the actual prescription from the central e-prescription server.

In addition to the large Data Matrix code at the top right of the prescription, which encodes the entire prescription, there are up to three smaller codes next to the individual drugs listed. These allow pharmacies to process parts of the e-prescription individually when not all drugs are readily available.

By integrating a Data Matrix Barcode Scanner, you can offer quick e-prescription processing in your mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the e-prescription exist?

E-prescription was introduced in Germany to digitize the process of prescribing medication. Unlike a traditional prescription, it can be received digitally – and it can be sent to a pharmacy digitally, too. It also allows for ordering medication at online pharmacies directly in an app.

What does an e-prescription look like?

The top half of a German e-prescription contains the patient's name and date of birth, the contact details of the issuing doctor’s office, and the date of issue. On the right, you can find the Data Matrix code for the entire e-prescription. On the bottom half, the prescribed drugs are listed together with their corresponding Data Matrix codes.

How does the e-prescription work?

Patients receive the e-prescription from their doctor's office digitally or as a printout. Any pharmacy can scan the prescription's 2D barcode to download the prescription data from a central server. The rest of the process is identical to that of a traditional prescription.