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Drastically reduce medication errors

Barcode medication administration (BCMA) technology can prevent medication errors and ensure patient safety. BCMA utilizes barcodes to verify the Five Rights: the right patient must receive the right medication at the right dosage via the right route at the right time.

This involves scanning three barcodes: The one on the patient’s wristband, the one on the medication, and the one on the physician’s or nurse’s ID badge. Medication is administered only if the data from all three barcodes match.

Prevents medication errors

Reduces likelihood of adverse drug events

Patient Safety

Improves patient safety

Barcode Medication Administration
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Additional components of a BCMA system

Barcodes can also improve patient safety in other areas of medication administration:

  • Dispensing: When obtaining medication from the dispensary, hospital staff can scan the barcode label to ensure that they received the correct drug at the required dosage.
  • Reconciliation: The patient’s medication list can be stored in a barcode to compare it with what they currently take via a quick scan.
  • Tracking: Scanning the barcode of a box, bottle, or unit dose to record its location prevents errors arising from misplaced medication.

By using a powerful barcode scanner like the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, you can be sure that even damaged barcodes are read reliably.

1D and 2D Barcodes

Supports all common barcode types

Reads damaged barcodes

Easy integration with your backend

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