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Data Matrix Scanner

Data Matrix Code

Due to its small size and large storage capacity, the Data Matrix code is one of the most frequently used 2D barcode types. It consists of black (on) and white (off) cells, with an L-shaped border defining the code’s orientation. Alternating patterns on the opposite sides enumerate rows and columns.

Data Matrix codes can be as tiny as 0.0635 mm x 0.0635 mm. They are read quickly and reliably even in poor lighting conditions.

This barcode type is sometimes applied via direct part marking (DPM) to identify objects throughout their whole lifespan.

  • 2D barcode with L-shaped border and pixel matrix.
  • Defined in the ISO/IEC 16022 standard.
  • Stores up to 3116 numeric or 2335 alphanumeric characters.
  • Readable even with low contrast.

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