Enterprise-grade QR Code SDK

With the Scanbot QR Code Scanner, you can add lightning-fast Barcode Scanning to your mobile app. Turn every iOS- or Android device into an easy and flexible scanning tool!

QR Code

QR Codes cover a highly versatile range of applications, as they can store a large amount of information in a relatively small area. They are particularly popular in advertising, such as flyers or shop windows, tickets for public and air transport, or on parcels.

  • Part of the ISO/IEC 18004:2006 and JIS X0510 standard.
  • 2D barcode that stores a maximum of 7089 decimal digits or 4296 alphanumeric characters.
  • Can be used free of charge. Specifications are available from the Swiss-based International Organization for Standardization.
  • Automatic error correction covers damage to up to 30%, depending on the correction level.

Fast, efficient, cost-effective - QR Code Scanner SDK

With the Scanbot SDK you can...

  • Scan QR Codes fast and precise even if the code is damaged up to 30%
  • Recognize and extract data from QR Codes as well as create workflows with additional modules
  • Work efficient and cost-effective through automated workflows and the redundancy of outdated hardware scanners
  • Customize the user interface by easily adapting the Scanner SDK to your CI

How to read barcodes with Scanbot SDK?


Launch the Scanbot SDK from anywhere in your app


Hold your device over the barcode you want to recognize


The SDK automatically reads and decodes the data in less than a second

Features that benefit your workflow

  • Single and Multi Scan: Extract information from one single QR Code or scan multiple QR Codes at once.
  • Scanning performance: The QR Code SDK works on low-end devices and is able to scan codes in low light and at any angle.
  • Save the image: Save a copy of the scanned QR Code.
  • Store and transmit information safely: QR Codes can improve your company’s internal communication and organization.

Did you already know? You can extract all standard 1D- and 2D barcodes with the Scanbot SDK. One solution fits all!

Let smartphone-based Barcode Scanning become part of your digital workflow – Why you should choose Scanbot

  • Data privacy: Due to the fact that the solution works 100% offline, it is compliant with your data privacy law.
  • Annual licensing: Unlimited installations and scans which makes it an optimal choice if your amount of scans is hard to estimate.
  • Fast and easy integration: The QR Code Scanner SDK can be integrated into your mobile app within one week.
  • Many supported formats: The Scanbot QR Code Scanner is able to scan all major 1D and 2D codes.

The best Barcode SDK for the widest range of codes

No matter if your app is used by your employees or customers you just want it to work reliably. That is why we have developed our Barcode Reader SDK using machine-learning algorithms. It guarantees lightning fast and accurate detection.

Paired with one of the widest variety of barcodes covered, we can help you solve business problems across any industry along every individual process chain.

Licensing designed for Enterprise customers

As an enterprise customer, you are probably facing barcode scanning needs with huge volume-based numbers such as your number of users, scans, or downloads. As our SDK is fully offline, we never track these variables. Hence, we charge a yearly-flat license fee for our solution: never worry or be unsure about the costs that are generated.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No Volume Based Restrictions

Unlimited Usage

Support Via Slack

Slack Support

Let's talk!

We’re happy to help you get started with Scanbot.

Let's talk!

We’re happy to help you get started with Scanbot.

What makes the Scanbot SDK the best option for you?

Decrease costs

100% Privacy

Quick implementation

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