Enterprise-grade Data Matrix Code Reader SDK

With the Scanbot Data Matrix Code Reader, you can integrate Data Matrix Scanning into your mobile app. It’s fast, accurate and cost-effective!

DataMatrix Code

Due to its small size and large storage capacity, the DataMatrix Code is most frequently used in the aerospace and automotive sector, as well as in electronics. Applied through permanent marking, spare parts can be identified throughout their whole lifespan. Other application areas are healthcare and postal services.

  • A 2D barcode with a pixel matrix and L-shaped border.
  • Certified as an ISO/IEC 16022 standard.
  • Stores up to 2335 numeric or 3116 alphanumeric characters.
  • Smallest size: 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm, thus ideal for small units.
  • Often engraved onto items via Direct Part Marking (DPM).

Replace outdated Barcode Scanning devices

With the Scanbot 2D Data Matrix Barcode Scanner, you’ll be able to...

  • Read DataMatrix codes with smartphones
  • Reduce extensive costs for standard imager scanners
  • Create a short time-to-value by implementing it within one week
  • Scan accurately, even with a contrast rate of only 20%

How to read barcodes with Scanbot SDK?


Launch the Scanbot SDK from anywhere in your app


Hold your device over the barcode you want to recognize


The SDK automatically reads and decodes the data in less than a second

You can now benefit from Scanbot's DataMatrix Reader sophisticated features

  • Single vs. Multi Scan: Extract information from either one Data Matrix Barcode or multiple ones in one go.
  • Filter: Adjust the Data Matrix Scanner to scan only certain barcode types.
  • Save the image: Save images of the barcodes as a PDF for further processing.
  • Extract information from photos: Our Data Matrix Scanner not only works from the live camera view but also on still images containing 2D Data Matrix barcodes.
  • Accurate results: You will always receive perfect results, even if you scan Data Matrix codes under bad lighting conditions, at an angle, or if they are corrupted.

Did you already know? You can extract all standard 1D- and 2D barcodes with the Scanbot SDK. One solution fits all!

Why is the Scanbot SDK the perfect solution for your business?

  • Integrate the ready-to-use User Interface of the DataMatrix library within just one week.
  • Customize the User Interface to match your Corporate Design.
  • Your data is safe with us: Our solution works 100% offline and it is compliant with your data privacy law.
  • Unlimited installations and scans make the SDK an optimal choice if the MAU and number of scans cannot be estimated in advance. You won’t exceed your priorly calculated budget with our flat-rate license. Flexibility meets stability.

The best Barcode SDK for the widest range of codes

No matter if your app is used by your employees or customers you just want it to work reliably. That is why we have developed our Barcode Scanner SDK using machine-learning algorithms. It guarantees lightning fast and accurate detection.

Paired with one of the widest variety of barcodes covered, we can help you solve business problems across any industry along every individual process chain.

Licensing designed for Enterprise customers

As an enterprise customer, you are probably facing barcode scanning needs with huge volume-based numbers such as your number of users, scans, or downloads. As our SDK is fully offline, we never track these variables. Hence, we charge a yearly-flat license fee for our solution: never worry or be unsure about the costs that are generated.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No Volume Based Restrictions

Unlimited Usage

Support Via Slack

Slack Support

Let's talk!

We’re happy to help you get started with Scanbot.

Let's talk!

We’re happy to help you get started with Scanbot.

What makes the Scanbot SDK the best option for you?

Decrease costs

100% Privacy

Quick implementation

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