🚩 » Why do I have to pay for Pro Features? Please make them available for free! «

Today we would like to address a fundamental question which we receive quite often: »Why do I have to pay for Pro Features? Please make them available for free!«

We are continuously working on offering a high quality app that’s easy to use and delivers the best results. Besides making sure that the app is working as intended we’re also adding new features on a regular basis. This is only possible with a lot of knowledge and energy from a dedicated team, giving their best to provide you with a great mobile scanning experience.

No service is really free

Most of us use a lot of free services from Apple, Google and many other companies. But actually those services and apps are not really free. You are just paying for the service differently. These companies found feasible ways to easily make up for their expenses. Two very common methods are ads or providing user data to third parties.


We don’t agree!

Our business model is to build great apps that people want to pay for…

It’s not our DNA to show lots of flashy and distracting advertising or to collect user data for 3rd parties. Since we put a high emphasis on design and user experience, advertising is simply out of the question. Also because we would literally need to plaster Scanbot with advertising.

»Ads look and feel bad and we won’t have that in Scanbot«

Selling user data is also a big no-no for us and since we’re located in Germany in most cases even prohibited by law. We value security and privacy a lot and will move mountains to keep it that way. The text recognition in Scanbot for example is done entirely on the device and not on a server in a random country with sketchy privacy laws. The app doesn’t need an internet connection at all to work and you can even encrypt documents on top of that. With all these measures in place, we don’t even have valuable user data. And that’s a good thing.

»Your data is your property and we’ll protect it, no matter what!«



Use it for free

and unlock all extras with a fairly priced purchase

Get the basic functionality for free and see how well it works. If you like the app, please support Scanbot and the honest way we do business with an In-App-Purchase to enjoy all of the amazing features. We believe it’s a fair price and it makes sure that we can maintain our great team and build new and exciting stuff.



Thanks for your ongoing support

We’d like to thank all of our loyal users, supporters and especially our VIP users! You guys rock and are the reason we’re keeping up the enthusiasm to build great scanner apps while staying true to our beliefs.

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Take Care,
Christoph and the Scanbot team


P.S.: Stay tuned for new announcements about Scanbot iOS and Android this year — great things to come. We’re already looking forward to your feedback!