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Remote deposits within milliseconds: How to give your clients fast & convenient access to their funds

Online banking has become the go-to solution for personal and business finances. Yet paper checks are still a preferred transaction method for many – one that is not sufficiently covered by digital services. As today’s clients want to access their funds no matter where they are, financial institutions need intuitive online solutions for remote deposits.

With Scanbot’s Check Scanner SDK, checks can be redeemed fast and conveniently – without requiring a dedicated device or awkward workarounds. All your customers need is a mobile device with their online banking app installed.

Streamline your processes with a remote deposit capture solution that conforms to your security policies and supports all common operating systems. Our fixed pricing model includes unlimited scanning, without any hidden fees.

Simplify complex document transfer processes with our tax and accounting solutions.

CCPA- & GDPR-compliant

Deposit Check Scanner

Supports international check formats

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Deposit Check Scanner

Discover what a remote check deposit process could look like inside your app

  1. Your client wants to deposit a check using the mobile banking app.
  2. They scan the check with their smartphone camera.
  3. Check number, routing number, and account number are extracted as key-value pairs for easy processing in the backend.
  4. After your client submits the required data, the check is deposited automatically.

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