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User Guidance

Give users everything they need to know to ensure perfect document scans

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On-screen tutorials let users confidently scan documents

Ease of use is a crucial part of any app’s design, especially for those with large numbers of users. Our sophisticated user guidance features will assist users in capturing the perfect scan. This ensures that documents are suitable for processing by a backend solution.

Our user guidance will let the user know when:

  • image noise is too high
  • the device needs to be closer to the document
  • the device needs to be rotated for optimal results
  • lighting is poor
  • power-saving mode activates itself
  • the camera is positioned perfectly

Thanks to the on-screen user guidance, any user can easily take perfect scans. Flawless images enable seamless OCR, transforming analog information into data you can use.

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Key feature highlights

Intuitive interface

Image icon

Prevents skewed or blurry images

Ensures perfect scans

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