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Extracting ID information as key-value pairs is the basis of an automated workflow. With the Scanbot MRZ Scanner SDK for the web, you can extract personal data from Machine-Readable Zones (MRZ) on ID cards with your website or web application, complying with the highest data protection standards. Add MRZ scanning to your app and say good bye to manual data entry. Streamline your business processes and reduce costs and workload now.

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Deutsche Telekom Case Study

We rely heavily on this solution, and the Scanbot SDK team has been a trusted partner since day one.

Patrick Krämer - Deutsche Telekom

Patrick Krämer

Product Owner MitarbeiterApp @ Deutsche Telekom

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The Scanbot MRZ Scanner online supports two-line (TD3, TD2) and three-line (TD1, MRV-A, MRV-B) standards. Extract the following data from international ID documents with any mobile device:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you scan a Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) using a web application?

The integration of a scanner SDK into a web application enables scanning and extraction of data as key-value pairs via smartphone or tablet.

How do you read a MRZ Code online?

An MRZ can be captured using various mobile scanning solutions. For example, integrating a scanner SDK into a website or web application allows scanning and extracting data as key-value pairs with any smartphone or tablet.

How can I integrate MRZ scanning into my web application?

Functions for MRZ scanning can be quickly and easily integrated into websites or web applications via a web SDK. They contain all the necessary resources and enable data extraction in the form of key-value pairs.

How does Scanbot ensure data privacy, given that ID documents contain sensitive personal information?

Our MRZ Scanner for apps operates exclusively offline, using only on-device intelligence. Consequently, your data is never tracked or sent to external servers.