Enterprise-grade Windows barcode scanner software

Turn any Windows device into a fast & reliable barcode reader

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK for Windows-based mobile devices

If your company uses the Windows ecosystem, our Windows Barcode Scanner is the fastest and most reliable solution for your barcode scanning use case. Replace handheld scanners now and leverage the camera and processing power of mobile devices running the Windows OS to scan barcodes in just 0.2 seconds, even offline – your employees and customers will love it!

A reliable barcode scanner for every use case

For each of our customers, the reliability of a Barcode Scanner is essential – it just has to work! The Windows Barcode Scanner SDK does exactly that – in any scenario, no matter the conditions:

Scans in 0.2 seconds

Any angle

Tiny barcodes

Poor lighting

Corrupted and blurred barcodes

Possibility to scan from distances >1 m

Reflective surfaces

Low background contrast

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