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Use Augmented Reality to display barcode contents in real time

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Augmented Reality for a next-level user experience

Do you need to scan multiple barcodes and want a quick overview of their contents before capturing them? The AR overlay feature of the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK displays them on your screen in real time! As you move your camera over the codes, pop-ups will appear next to them and give you the information you need.

If you are looking for something specific, you can set the AR overlay to only analyze certain barcode types. Tapping the text pop-ups brings up details about the individual barcode, including its type, the date of the scan, and its value both in human-readable format and in raw bytes.

Since you can switch the AR overlay on and off without affecting the scanning mode, going from previewing the barcodes to scanning them is seamless.

Quickly preview multiple barcodes

Filter for specific barcode types

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Turn AR Overlay on and off as needed

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