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Convenient usage, scans within 0.2 seconds, and flawless data: Scanbot's Barcode Scanner SDK

Dedicated warehousing barcode scanners offer speed, precision, and ruggedness. Only a few expensive models, however, also give your employees direct access to the scanned data without requiring external hardware like a computer. While their performance is excellent, hardware scanners lack flexibility and broad barcode coverage.

Today, smart devices can offer the same performance as expensive conventional tools, at lower TCO and with direct information access on the smartphone display.

Whether order picking, shipping, or inventory management: Mobile barcode scanning covers all business operations. Provide your employees with mobile equipment they are familiar with and watch productivity and efficiency increase.

With a scanning speed of 0.2 seconds per barcode and features like Multi- and Batch Scanning, the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK can easily compete with expensive handheld devices. Say goodbye to outdated devices and streamline your operations with modern barcode scanning inside your app.

Instant data access

Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

0.2 seconds per barcode

Multi- and Batch Scanning

Asset Barcode Scanner

Discover what a smartphone-based warehousing workflow could look like in practice

  1. An employee wants to place an order for a specific item.
  2. They scan the barcode attached to the storage unit.
  3. Now, they can see the number of items in stock.
  4. They can place an order directly on the device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warehouse scanner used for?

Warehouse scanners are used to read barcodes on arriving or departing product units to submit all relevant data to the centralized inventory system, enabling seamless tracking.

How do warehouse workers scan items into inventory?

Warehouse workers can read barcodes attached to products using mobile barcode scanners, such as smartphones or laser scanners. This enables them to track the product's location on the shelves, shipping, etc.