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Proof of Delivery Scanner for logistics

Enable your drivers to scan barcodes for electronic Proofs of Delivery

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Submit ePODs with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK – in 0.2 seconds

With the Scanbot SDK, drivers can confirm deliveries simply by scanning barcodes with the company’s internal Proof of Delivery app.

Our SDKs work flawlessly in your ePOD application and allow for fast and reliable scan results. Scans in difficult conditions, like in low light, or with damaged barcodes, are no problem. Besides, as our SDKs work 100% offline, deliverers can use the proof of delivery system wherever they are.

In addition, the mobile ePod software works on any smartphone, hence no costly handheld scanners need to be purchased or maintained.

Key feature highlights

Barcode accuracy

98.7% accuracy

113 barcodes per minute

113 scans/min

All 1D and 2D Barcodes

How to create a Proof of Delivery with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Step 1 image description

Driver delivers a parcel to a customer

Step 2 image description

They open the internal app

Step 3 image description

Now, they scan the package’s barcode with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Step 4 image description

The backend system immediately receives the ePOD data

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