Pick by scan: Establish a smartphone-based picking process

Turn any smartphone or tablet into a mobile device for order picking using our powerful Barcode Scanner SDK

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Streamline the packing process with barcode scanners

The picking method “Pick by scan” involves workers using a mobile barcode scanner with a screen that shows them the storage location of an item and the number of items to be packed. They confirm the completion of individual pick positions by scanning the barcode on the item itself or at the pick position.

Connecting the barcode system to the ERP system over the local network to update stock in real time streamlines inventory management and helps avoid errors. Scanning barcodes provides visual verification and eliminates the need for a paper-based pick list.

Pick by Scan (Barcode Scanning)

Save time with smart mobile devices for pick and pack

A pick-by-scan system involves mobile computers with built-in 1D and 2D barcode scanners. Instead of relying on dedicated devices for picking, companies can use any smartphone or tablet to process pick orders by integrating a Barcode Scanner SDK into their mobile or web application. This allows for seamless communication between the pick-by-scan software and the existing IT infrastructure.

The powerful barcode scanner for Android, iOS, Web, and Windows communicates with any backend and can be customized according to individual requirements.

Barcode Accuracy

98.7% accuracy

Scans in 0.2 seconds

1D and 2D Barcodes

All 1D and 2D barcodes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pick by scan work?

This picking method uses a mobile device with an integrated barcode scanner. By reading the barcode on an item or at the storage location, workers confirm the picking and avoid picking errors.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of pick by scan?

An advantage of pick by scan is that the workflow is entirely digital, eliminating the need for paper-based pick lists. One disadvantage are the initial costs, since there are some technical requirements for implementing a digital picking process.

What kinds of picking methods are there?

Besides "pick by scan", there are "pick by light" and "pick by vision". All three methods have in common that the required items are visually indicated to the workers and that picking is confirmed digitally.