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Freight Scan Document Management

Make your employees’ jobs easier with high-quality Mobile Document Submission

Freight document management made simple with Mobile Data Capture

With our SDK, drivers can create top-notch scan results on the go, which makes it the best scanner for freight document management purposes. Even damaged or creased documents can be scanned with ease.

Thanks to using a mobile document scanner, drivers no longer need to physically deliver freight documents to headquarters, eliminating the risk of loss or damage. Since our SDKs require no internet connection, drivers can scan documents at any time and submit them as soon as they reconnect to the internet. This reduces document submission times sharply, and freight information becomes available in real time. Invoices can now be issued within hours instead of days.

Key feature highlights

User guidance

Auto capture

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Multiple export formats

Document Submission with the Scanbot SDK

Step 1 image description

A driver receives BOLs, PODs, and more on their delivery tour

Step 2 image description

They open the internal app

Step 3 image description

Now, they scan the documents with the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK

Step 4 image description

High-quality images of documents are sent to HQ for automated processing

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