Barcode Scanner for Logistics

Scanbot’s Barcode Reader SDK just works fast, accurately, and reliably.

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A solution that just works anywhere at any time – Barcode Scanner for logistics

  • Works on any iOS or Android device
  • Location-independent
  • Direct routing to your SCM
  • 0.2 seconds per barcode
  • Real-time information tracking
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BarTrack Success Story

Very pleasant cooperation with the team. Very smooth communication via Slack and great to see that agreed-upon targets were actually met! It is really a joy to work with Scanbot SDK.

Bart Grol

CEO @ BarTrack

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Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature


0.2 seconds per barcode

Barcode Accuracy


98% accuracy under any condition


even without an internet connection

Boost your supply chain now with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner for logistics

Cover high-volume barcode scanning use cases with our annual fixed license and tackle digitalization at budget. With the Scanbot SDK for mobile and web apps, any iOS or Android mobile device can be turned into a Barcode Scanner within just a few hours. Make the first step towards real-time data transmission by enabling precise scanning on the go and avoid millions of losses caused by false data entry now.

Scanbot SDK: few hours barcode scanner integration

Integration in just a few hours

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