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How a receipt scanner streamlines expense tracking

One of the biggest hassles of expense management is manually entering all the required values into the system. Manual processes like these are not just time-consuming, but also prone to errors, especially with long number sequences. This results in inaccurate calculations, forecasts, or quarterly and annual reports. Ultimately, these mistakes cost time and money.

Modern scanning technology, such as the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK, can help. Our scanning modules can be easily integrated into your mobile application – within just one week. Due to the simple and intuitive design, they allow even inexperienced users to scan any kind of single-line data, such as bank account numbers or total amounts, error-free within milliseconds. This way, you can significantly simplify all expense tracking workflows

Alternatively, a Document Scanner SDK could work as a mobile receipt scanner, capturing the whole paper document in high quality. Both approaches produce flawless input for automated backend processing, unlike simple camera photos or damage-prone paper documents.

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Receipt Scanner

Discover what a streamlined receipt scanning process could look like inside your app

  1. Your user wants to add several receipts to their expense tracker.
  2. They scan the respective documents using the Document Scanner SDK. User guidance and image-enhancing features ensure a perfect scanning result.
  3. They upload the scans to your database. Now, the receipts can be processed automatically in the backend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is receipt scanning?

Receipt scanning turns receipts and other paper documents into digital files.

How do receipt scanners work?

Receipt scanners work based on modern scanning technology that allows users to capture a high-resolution digital copy of a physical receipt.

How do you scan a receipt with your phone?

With the Scanbot SDK, you can easily scan a receipt using your smartphone camera.