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Automated invoice processing: Create the perfect basis with the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK

Many workflows in finance are still entirely or partly paper-based. The issues are clear: inaccurate information due to manual data entry, lost or damaged documents, and lengthy turnaround times even for simple operations. Digitizing invoice data is essential for fully automated digital processes. For complete automation, optical character recognition (OCR) needs to run flawlessly and without manual corrections. This requires scanning software that generates high-resolution results.

To this end, the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK offers detailed user guidance and image-enhancing features. This enables your clients to submit flawlessly scanned invoices – ideal for automated processing. Accelerate your internal and external processes with state-of-the-art invoice scanning software and excite your clients with an easy-to-use tool, short turnarounds, and accuracy.

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Scanbot SDK Auto Scanning

Automated invoice processing

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Invoice Scanning Software

Discover how invoice scanning software enables your clients to submit documents in milliseconds

  1. A client wants to upload an invoice to have their expenses reimbursed.
  2. They open the Document Scanner SDK in your mobile app and capture the document immediately. User guidance and image-enhancing filters create a perfect result.
  3. The invoice can now be processed automatically in the backend using modern OCR technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is invoice scanning?

Invoice scanning is used to capture paper invoices and create digital copies. Additionally, Data Capture tools can extract information such as the vendor, date, or amount.

How does invoice OCR work?

After scanning, invoice OCR extracts data from digital documents to turn them into searchable and editable files.