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Looking for a specific item? Using our Augmented Reality functionality, you can pick out any product from a range of options with your phone by filtering for the specific barcode.

Apps with “Scan Item” features are not only useful for store retailers and when out shopping, but also a great benefit for inventory management, parcel logistics, and digital picking processes.

Thanks to our AR scanner, you can see the relevant information from any barcode in real time. You can also filter for specific 1D or 2D barcode symbologies to only scan specific items.

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AR Barcode Scanner

Data scanning software for various use cases

The Scanbot SDK is your one-stop solution for all your scanning needs. It is fast, accurate, and operates entirely offline, never connecting to any third-party servers.

With the Barcode Scanner SDK, you can accurately scan barcodes in 0.2 seconds. Our Document Scanner SDK features an intuitive user interface that ensures even beginners capture perfect scans. Finally, the Data Capture SDK transforms your mobile or web app into a powerful tool for extracting data from ID cards, driver’s licenses, license plates, checks, and more.

Our solution is available for all common platforms and can be integrated in a matter of days. If you would like to test the SDK yourself, you can get a free 7-day trial license or try out our demo apps.

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