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Reliable Mobile Barcode Scanning for Self-Checkout in retail

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Why enterprises choose the Scanbot Barcode Scanning SDK

Fast & reliable

Fixed pricing

"WOW" your customers

1-day integration

Turn shopping into a digital experience with Mobile Self-Checkout

Modern Scan & Go technology speeds up numerous processes in retail stores and makes queues a thing of the past. Instead, retailers can provide their customers with a digital shopping experience in physical stores. Both staff and checkout areas are freed up and can be used more productively.

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK offers maximum flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. Mobile Scan & Go apps are shaping the future of retail. Be part of the digital revolution and transform smartphones into mobile POS hardware.

Scanbot was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

— Anna Aleksandrova
Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

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Create a digital shopping experience in your stores

The best of both worlds – Online and in-person shopping

Integrated loyalty programs

Link your existing loyalty programs to the smartphone app and automatically reward customer loyalty. This binds them closer to the retailer and, hence, drives up sales.

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Product information

Give your customers even more information on a product when they scan its barcode. Examples: Where was the product produced? What allergies could it trigger?

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Personalized offers

Tailor offers to individual customer needs through your smartphone app. Loyal customers can be offered better deals on favorite products, further strengthening your relationship.

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Product reviews

Let your customers see product reviews from others by scanning the product barcode with their smartphone. This builds trust in the product and proactively supports buyers in their purchasing decisions.

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The trusted Barcode Scanner SDK in retail

For most users in the retail industry, the most important criteria of a trusted barcode scanning solution is reliability – it should just work. The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK does exactly that – in any scenario, no matter the conditions:

Low background contrast

Any angle

Tiny barcodes

Poor lighting

Corrupted and blurred barcodes

Possibility to scan from distances >1 m

Reflective surfaces

All barcode types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

How does the Scanbot SDK support Scan & Go?

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK can be integrated into your customer-facing mobile or web application to enable self-scanning and checkout with any mobile iOS or Android device.

Which barcode standards can be scanned by Scanbot’s Scan & Go Barcode Scanner?

Our Barcode Scanner SDK covers all common barcode types, such as EANUPC, or QR Codes. Find a full overview here

Can I cover other retail workflows with the Scanbot Scan Barcode Reader SDK?

Yes! You can create digital and mobile workflows for inventory & shelf management, ordering processes, and many more.

Which platforms are supported by the Scan and Go Barcode Reader?

Scanbot’s Barcode Reader is suitable for native iOS & Android development and all standard hybrid development platforms. Additionally, we offer our Barcode Scanner for the Web.