How health insurers attract Generation Z

September 10, 2020

Next generation’s buying power will be defined by the first generation that grew up in an entirely digitized society: Gen Z. Therefore, creating mobile apps is essential for the health insurance industry to build their future clients’ interest and loyalty. Dive into the aspects of boosting customer satisfaction within today’s mobile-first generation.

The younger a person, the more they use their mobile phone. Using various apps, including social media, services, or communication tools, takes up hours of a young adult’s daily life. A downside of this: The instant availability of everything raises expectations within this new generation. Members of Generation Z demand instant access, transparency, and smart services. Therefore, it is crucial to offer fast online services within mobile apps that erase the necessity of reaching out to your local insurance office. Features need to be affordable and comfortable, even though Gen Z invests a lot of time in its smartphones, they don’t want to spend much time with unreliable mobile apps.


Now that one acknowledged the changes and needs of this new generation of potential clients, the question of how to provide such digital services arises. Due to the previously mentioned high expectations of the new clients, offering essential health insurance services is not enough. And since they are open to try new offers and are allergic to old-fashioned marketing, you have to adjust your communication. Being open and honest, with a clear description of the services, is something that this generation values a lot. If an insurance company wants to increase its clients’ loyalty, they need to cover diverse important topics. 

Smart Services

In case of rain, handing someone a towel helps them to dry themselves, but offering an umbrella protects them from the damage in advance. Offering a variety of services around the prevention of health issues within a mobile app raises the clients’ engagement. This could range from appointment reminders to recommended check-ups or access to results. Additionally, confidence in the insurer is strengthened since covering these issues offers the company a way to demonstrate its concern about its clients’ health situation. 


Generation Z could also be called Generation Health. Since they are very aware of what they eat and care a lot about physical fitness, there are a lot of opportunities to generate demand. The downside of this is the record number of mental health issues in this generation. That’s why they also care about reducing stress, being mindful, social wellness, which results in a stronger interest in non-traditional treatments. Additional services can evolve around medication delivery, mental health, mindfulness, lifestyle, travel advice, or work absence. 

Instant Access

As a lot of the mentioned aspects require physical documents such as medical certificates, ID documents, or prescriptions, a huge accelerator is to use the smartphone camera as a universal scanner and link to the physical world. Insurers need apps that can turn this paperwork into digital formats, ready for instant processing in the back-end. Today's’ technologies (like computer vision and machine learning) make it possible to extract data instantly to have automated checks and responses. Any issue can be solved within no time and no need to attend a branch office physically. 

As already stated, Generation Z is going to prefer health insurers who offer mobile apps over those who don’t, it is crucial to provide them with a broad palette of digital functionalities and services. This way, you can secure a stable base of future clients and establish your health insurance company within the new generation of young adults - a small investment that will create long time value for you and your clients. 

In case you want to learn more about this topic, feel free to check out our blog post about Insurance digitalization. If you are interested in the Scanbot Scanner SDK,  please contact one of our experts. We’ll figure out the perfect solution for you.


Desktop-based telehealth services

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Desktop-based telehealth services

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