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SCG Logistics Success Story

A Thai leading logistics provider, including import and export, transportation, warehouse management, fulfillment, consulting, and software solutions.



Company Size

700+ employees

Use Case

‍Internal employee app for the transmission of documents such as Proof of Delivery (POD)



Development Platform




SCG Logistics aimed to enable their drivers to transmit digital copies of PODs to their headquarters via their internal Android mobile app.



To design a digital document workflow for their drivers, SCG Logistics required an Android-compatible Document Scanner SDK that can be integrated via Xamarin. Additionally, an offline solution was crucial, as a lack of internet connection would otherwise impede work on the road.



With the Scanbot SDK, SCG Logistics integrated a reliable document scanning solution that creates high-resolution digital copies of documents and works everywhere at any time.

Key results

Any Mobile Device



Document Detection

State-of-the-art empowered document transmission & processing


Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

Simplified workflows for drivers & back-office staff


SCG Logistics Success Story

We were able to technically implement the Scanbot SDK in less than a week and now have a system that decreases the time of administrative tasks by hours.

Aektanat Udomlumleart

IT Consultant Transportation @ SCG Logistics

SCG Logistics faced the following challenge

The transportation of goods generates a lot of physical paperwork, which the drivers need to submit to SCG Logistics’ headquarters. Since it is not currently possible to handle deliveries digitally, SCG Logistics sought a solution allowing drivers to quickly scan PODs with a smartphone in order to integrate them into the digital workflow.

Before integrating the Scanbot SDK, SCG Logistics’ drivers had to physically deliver the documents to the headquarters. Since SCG Logistics’ clients pay when the POD is available, this causes immense delays until payment. Additionally, backend workload was high, as staff had to scan the papers using standard hardware scanners.

SCG Logistics Case Study

The goal – digital POD submission via SCG Logistics’ internal application

To streamline their workflow, SCG Logistics decided to integrate document scanning capabilities into their Android application. The company required an SDK that could be used for development on the hybrid platform Xamarin and that provides high-quality results with high ease of use.

By enabling digital document submission, SCG Logistics aimed to reduce overall shipment processing time, shorten time-to-payment, and increase customer engagement.

In the following, we will compare SCG Logistics’ prior workflow with the digital alternative they created in close collaboration with the Scanbot SDK team.

SCG Logistics’ document workflow before integrating the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK

  1. An SCG Logistics driver delivers a shipment and has the recipient sign the POD.
  2. The driver now needs to submit the physical document at the headquarters.
  3. Here, employees scan the PODs using conventional hardware scanners.
  4. Now, the payment process can be initiated.

The physical delivery of the documents and the manual scanning process slow down the workflow massively and delay client payments.

The optimized document workflow based on Scanbot SDK’s mobile scanning technology

  1. An SCG Logistics driver delivers a shipment and has the recipient sign the POD.
  2. They scan the document using the Scanbot Document Scanner in the internal application and transmit the digital copy to headquarters right away.
  3. Now, the document is processed in the back-office immediately.
  4. The client payment can now be initiated.

Benefits of the Scanbot SDK – Process optimization through mobile scanning

The submission of physical Proof of Delivery documents was the key bottleneck in SCG Logistics’ workflow. With the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK, drivers can now easily transmit documents in real-time, decreasing time-to-payment from several days to hours. Additionally, the cost of digitizing paper documents at the headquarters has been removed.

Thanks to smart user guidance, auto-crop, auto-rotate, and image-enhancing functionalities, the Scanbot SDK delivers flawless results perfectly suited for further manual and automatic processing.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK, SCG Logistics benefits from the following results:

  • Faster client payments
  • High customer engagement
  • Eliminated back-office scanning
  • A streamlined digital workflow

Scanbot SDK's mission and vision

Originally, Scanbot wanted to scan everything: from simple barcodes to freight bills, medical certificates, and invoices – and now it can! There are endless ways this can make things easier for businesses and their customers. Our easy-to-integrate software simplifies workflows in document management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR.

Now, Scanbot applies computer vision algorithms and machine learning models to understand each individual document type. This opens up new usage scenarios, such as automated document workflows, and creates even more opportunities to connect and work with data in real-time.

Besides, Scanbot highly values the security of its users’ sensitive data. The Scanbot SDK works exclusively with on-device intelligence, which keeps documents safe from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is ever stored on Scanbot’s servers or any third-party servers, satisfying the highest data protection standards.

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