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Accurate luggage tracking for airlines with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Airlines and airports around the globe still rely on expensive dedicated handheld scanners to read the Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcodes on standard luggage tags. However, modern technology offers more cost-effective and versatile options for scanning and sorting bags.

With an integrated Barcode Scanner SDK in your mobile app, airport staff can capture barcodes within milliseconds – even in poor scanning conditions such as bad lighting, damaged barcodes, or from difficult angles.

Barcode Accuracy

98.7 % accuracy

Batch scanning

AR Overlay Scanner

AR overlay

Luggate Tag Scanner
Luggage Tag Scanner

The IATA 2 of 5 Barcode helps airlines identify the following information:

  • Airline/carrier name
  • Flight number
  • Baggage tag number (the two-letter airline code plus six digits)
  • Destination airport code
  • Name and IATA code of the destination airport
  • Departure time
  • Airline code & flight number
  • Passenger’s last name and first name

Discover what luggage tag scanning can look like using the Scanbot SDK

  1. At check in, a luggage tag with a 1D barcode is attached to the passengers’ baggage.
  2. When loading luggage onto the aircraft, this code is now scanned with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK inside the mobile app.
  3. After the luggage arrives at its destination, the code is scanned once more for verification. If a luggage piece ends up in Lost & Found, it can also be registered by scanning the attached barcode.


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