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How to identify fake industrial products using barcodes


According to OECD estimates, counterfeit products made up 3.3% of global trade and as much as 6.8% of EU imports in 2019. The current raw material shortages have worsened the situation further by reducing the availability of industrial parts. As a result, industrial customers in particular are inadvertently resorting to inferior imitations of parts from established manufacturers.

These imitations can have an existential impact on the manufacturers of original parts:

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Each individual item has its own unique barcode. This code is displayed both on the packaging and on the product itself.

When a new shipment arrives, customers (and all distribution partners along the supply chain) use the manufacturer’s proprietary authentication app to verify the authenticity of these products quickly and easily.

Let’s go through the process using a ball bearing manufacturer as an example:

Customers scan the delivered bearings using the manufacturer’s authentication app

What are the advantages of an authentication app?

  • Customers can authenticate products themselves: Where buyers previously needed experts, they can now use the app to check whether a product is genuine
  • Verification in seconds: Customers receive immediate feedback on the authenticity of the products and can be confident they are installing genuine parts
  • Risk prevention: Any counterfeits are removed from the supply chain at an early stage

The scan triggers an authenticity check in the backend system, which verifies whether a barcode has been registered and how often it has been scanned to detect if registered barcodes have been simply copied.

Combating product piracy

  • Fewer counterfeiters: Easy product verification makes it difficult to disseminate counterfeits. Fake products are detected immediately and removed from the supply chain.
  • Stronger basis for legal prosecution: The more product imitations are reported, the more information can be gathered to effectively prosecute counterfeiters.

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