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Digital transformation in healthcare – Digitize 5 key workflows through mobile Barcode Scanning


Digitization has reached virtually every area of life, making day-to-day routines easier for millions of people. The healthcare industry is steadily becoming more digital, with barcodes playing a significant role. Correspondingly, portable devices that can read (patient) data from barcodes are the cornerstone of a digital transformation journey for healthcare organizations.

Finding the most versatile and easy-to-use solution can be tricky, as handheld scanners are still the go-to solution for most enterprises confronted with Barcode Scanning. As information scanned in the health sector needs to be accessible directly on the scanning device, specific requirements are manifested, distinguishing the industry from other branches, such as retail or warehousing.

Handheld barcode scanners with integrated displays and direct server connections are expensive, maintenance intensive, and inflexible. Thus, the healthcare sector needs to replace standard solutions with versatile smartphone scanners that keep the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) low while offering the highest accuracy, ease of use, and transparency.

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Let’s dive into areas of application for a mobile Barcode Scanner SDK within the healthcare industry and the significant benefits that Scanbot’s Barcode Scanning Software holds for you.

Medication and specimens

High-performance Barcode Scanning inside mobile apps enables staff members to track and manage medication, sterile fluid collection bags, blood samples, and other essential items within the complex supply chain.

Scanning mediacation with Scanbot SDK
Extracting data from barcodes takes just a few milliseconds. Afterward, all information can be viewed directly on the device, making it perfect for usage on the go. Assets are consequently managed more efficiently, as information is made available immediately, building the ideal foundation for the upcoming workflow.
Using Scanbot's Multi Scan feature, your staff can scan several barcodes in one go, as they are commonly found on specimens, medication, or fluid bags.

Quick and transparent patient identification

With mobile smartphones and the Scanbot SDK integrated into the internal application, healthcare staff can identify patients by scanning the Data Matrix barcode printed onto their wristbands. Additionally, they can obtain detailed information on an individual’s specific needs, ranging from medication to supportive care.

All this information can be seen on the smart device’s screen seconds after scanning, creating a smooth and quick digital workflow that ensures maximum safety for both patients and staff.

Efficient management of medical equipment

Data Matrix codes do not just appear on patients’ wristbands, they are also commonly engraved into medical equipment via “Direct Part Marking “(DPM). Given the size of medical instruments, those barcodes are often extremely small, while not displaying a high contrast ratio. Thus, precise and powerful scanning tools are a must-have.

With a mobile Scanner SDK, medical equipment can be managed, serviced, and tracked efficiently, in order to guarantee that the right instruments are always at hand when needed while maintaining a consistent storage system.

High accuracy for medication management

Mobile Barcode Scanning turns the administration of prescription drugs into an intuitive and reliable process for healthcare providers. Staff members can scan and transmit patient health information into the digital health system within just a few seconds, maintaining an entirely digital workflow that offers transparency and safety for patients and personnel.

Additionally, the patient’s electronic medical records and the respective medication data can be connected to ensure accurate medication administration and the best possible patient care.

Handling orders on the go

Healthcare workers can use a mobile Barcode Scanner SDK to place orders for medicine and other equipment conveniently. They just need to scan the barcodes on each product and complete the ordering process directly on the device.

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Highest privacy for patients’ electronic health records

Scanbot values our users’ privacy just like our clients do. Thus, we ensure that none of the scanned data gets forwarded to external servers. On-device intelligence ensures that the data gets processed exclusively on the end user’s device. Compliant with the GDPR and CCPA, we do not store any of the scanned data, to provide our clients with the highest security level.

The Scanbot SDK in healthcare

Let’s take a look at the main benefits that the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK has to offer on the journey of digital transformation in healthcare.

High Speed
The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK impresses with its exceptional scanning speed. It scans 113 barcodes per minute.

For most users in the retail industry, the most important criteria of a trusted barcode scanning solution is reliability – it should just work. The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK does exactly that – in any scenario, no matter the conditions:

Scans in 0.2 seconds

Any angle

Tiny barcodes

Poor lighting

Corrupted and blurred barcodes

Possibility to scan from distances >1 m

Reflective surfaces

Low background contrast

Cutting-edge features

Multi-scanning accelerates your workflows

Filter: Adjust it to recognize specific barcode types only.

Save the scan: Store barcode images as PDFs for further different purposes.

Continuous Scanning: Scanning multiple barcodes without the camera closing enables a constant workflow.

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