Optimize fleet management with the VIN Scanner SDK

Turn smartphones and tablets into portable VIN code scanners to capture a car’s VIN in no time – even in poor lighting conditions

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Automatically scan and decode VIN barcodes – fast and reliably

Manual data collection in the automotive sector is time- and labor-intensive, error-prone, and thus leads to unnecessary expenses. Add a VIN scanner to your mobile app or website for lightning-fast and accurate detection in all situations. Even blurred or damaged barcodes are no problem.

Would you like to add barcode scanning functionalities to your solution? Try out our Barcode Scanner SDK!

Accurate scanning through windshields: Capture a car’s VIN without opening the door by scanning right through its windshield. Even reflections and glare are no problem for the VIN scanner.

100% offline solution: You don’t have to rely on WiFi or mobile data to use our VIN scanning and barcode scanning solutions – they work completely offline. If you would like it to connect to your enterprise servers to upload data and access information in real time, this is also possible.

Transparent and scalable pricing: Do you need a VIN scanner on many different devices? With our solution, you pay a fixed annual licensing fee, no matter the amount of scans or users. Precise budget planning was never easier.

Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

0.2 seconds barcode scanning

Any Mobile Device

For iOS, Android, and Windows devices

Scanbot SDK Key Value Pair Feature

Key-value pairs extraction

VIN Scanner

Quick & reliable data capture on the go

Extract precise data from vehicle identification numbers in milliseconds to optimize record-keeping and fleet management processes. Decrease costs for manual entries and corrections by scanning single-line data like vehicle identification numbers and be part of the digital transformation.

Scan VIN codes with a barcode reader or OCR: A VIN is often accompanied by a machine-readable Code 39 barcode containing the same information. Our SDK can scan both the number itself using OCR (optical character recognition) and the barcode, leaving no room for errors.

Capture license plates and scan documents: Do you also need to record license plate numbers or upload vehicle-related documents? Our SDK has you covered. With the License Plate Scanner module, you can extract additional information to further enhance fleet management. And our Document Scanner SDK digitizes paper documents to create searchable PDFs. Your one-stop solution for all your scanning needs.

No App - no problem

For native and cross-platform frameworks

VIN scanning on your mobile device or in web apps

Data Extraction

Also scan insurance cards, license plates, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Scanbot VIN Scanner SDK work?

The mobile VIN scanner for apps is easy to use. Just hold your smartphone camera over the VIN – the scanning module in your app will immediately detect the number and convert it to a digital format.

Which use cases does the VIN Scanner cover?

The VIN Scanner is suitable for a wide range of use cases in fleet management. For example, you can use the modern scanner to verify vehicles or access relevant technical data within milliseconds.

On which platforms can the VIN Scanner be used?

The VIN Scanner can be integrated into iOS and Android apps natively or on all common hybrid platforms.

How does Scanbot SDK ensure compliance with international data protection standards?

The Scanbot VIN Scanner SDK works exclusively offline, using only on-device intelligence. This means your data is never tracked or sent to external servers.

What type of barcode is a VIN?

The VIN barcode represents the vehicle identification number (VIN) in a scannable format. VIN numbers are 17-digit codes used in the automotive sector to identify individual motor vehicles. They are internationally standardized in ISO 3779 and ISO 4030.

What is a vehicle barcode?

Today, most motor vehicles come with a dedicated VIN barcode based on the Code 39 symbology. Therefore, VIN-related data can be accessed simply by scanning the barcode.