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Turn a smartphone into a parcel barcode scanner & handle peak times efficiently

Integrate a Barcode Scanner SDK into your mobile app to enable error-free data capture on the go – with any mobile device

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Track packages on the last mile with mobile barcode technology and optimize your delivery process

Peak times in parcel delivery demand absolute precision and efficiency at every stage of the value chain. To satisfy the ever-growing expectations of modern customers, companies must flexibly adapt to peaks in demand with cost-effective workflows. Mobile barcode scanning on smartphones or tablets offers all the benefits of conventional handheld devices, such as speed, precision, and ruggedness – but at lower cost.

With the Scanbot Barcode SDK, your employees can scan up to 113 barcodes per second. Together with features like multi-scanning, this maximizes efficiency on the last mile. Sorting and loading, tracking, collecting PoDs – all use cases in delivery can be covered with one powerful tool. Parcel delivery has never been faster than with modern scanning solutions.

By using strategies like BYOD, companies can flexibly adapt to fluctuating workloads: New employees won’t have to wait for dedicated devices, nor will they need training as they’re familiar with smartphone usage. On top of that, the Scanbot SDK offers detailed user guidance that leads even less experienced couriers to the perfect scan.

Key feature highlights

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Fast, flexible onboarding

113 barcodes per minute

113 barcodes per minute

Unlimited scanning

Discover what smartphone-based barcode scanning looks like in practice


Your courier needs to deliver multiple parcels to the same address. Via multi-scanning, they can now capture all parcel barcodes within milliseconds.


The recipient then confirms the delivery with a simple signature captured by the smartphone. Delivering an age-restricted product? Our Data Capture modules cover a variety of international passports and IDs.


Does the recipient want to send back another parcel? The courier can register the return in 0.2 milliseconds, leveraging the speed of the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

What is a parcel barcode?

Parcel barcodes are usually 1D barcodes that are attached to any shipped package. They allow concise tracking along the entire delivery process.

How do I scan the barcode on a package?

Package barcodes can be scanned with any smartphone camera – just point it at the symbology to start the scanning process.