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IMEI Barcode Scanner

IMEI Barcode

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. The IMEI uniquely identifies your device and is accompanied by a barcode containing the same number. It can usually be found on the box and inside the battery compartment, but most devices can also display the IMEI to the user when prompted.

Smartphone wholesalers can use the IMEI number for inventory management. However, manually entering hundreds of IMEI numbers is time-consuming and prone to errors. IMEI scanning is a fast and accurate way to capture the required data and enable the tracking of devices in the supply chain for retailers.

  • Code 128 with variable length
  • Includes check digit
  • ISO/IEC certification: ISO/IEC 15417

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Replace expensive handheld scanners with smartphones to scan IMEI numbers. The intuitive UI helps users read barcodes accurately, even in poor conditions.

  • Ability to scan multiple barcodes
  • Various types of barcodes
  • High accuracy

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