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Multiple PDF Documents

Work with PDFs

Beside being a document scanner, Scanbot is a great tool to work with PDFs. No matter if you need to add notes to a document, sign it or highlight important parts, Scanbot get the job done quickly. You can even move the pages, rearrange them or add some more.

Annotation Tools

The annotation mode in Scanbot features the most common tools. Use a pen to add handwritten notes or drawings, the marker to highlight important parts, the note/comment tool to add even longer text or the signature tool to sign your documents on-the-go.

Edit Pages

With Scanbot you can easily make changes to already saved documents. Add missing pages, rearrange and rotate them or delete a page which might have been scanned twice.

Folders iOS

Organize your scans with folders and keep your tax documents, separated from travel documents or course notes. Folders will sync with your iCloud Drive and are easily accessible on your Mac or PC.

Full-Text Search

The text recognition (OCR) in Scanbot Pro allows you to full-text search inside your scanned documents. This makes it super easy to find the missing invoice or all course notes for your next exam.

Keep it Safe

Scanbot offers two layers of security and encryption. You can lock the entire app with TouchID and a passcode but also encrypt individual PDFs with a password. This makes it easy and safe to send out sensitive PDFs.

Stay in Sync

With iCloud Drive on iOS or Google Drive on Android, you can sync your documents to other devices and continue working on them. With iCloud Drive on iOS, you can even access your documents on a PC, Mac or web browser.

A Fax Machine in your iPhone

Your #1 requested feature to send a fax is now available for iOS. It's the perfect solution to scan your contracts, cancellations or confirmations, edit them and send them out legally binding as a fax.

You can send faxes to more than 50 countries and we made the pricing very simple and without any additional fees. One page costs one credit, no matter where you send it and we only charge you for successfully delivered faxes. Credits start from 0,40€ depending on the amount of credits you purchase.

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  • For iOS devices, we're part of the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Business. It allows you to buy and distribute bulk licenses and manage your devices easily.

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  • Google will soon offer this program for Android devices. Please reach out to us via and we can provide you with coupon codes for Android devices.

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