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Medical Certificate Scanner SDK

Our medical certificate scanner SDK allows you to integrate easy and convenient document scanning into your existing application. Besides scanning the medical certificates and saving them as a PDF or JPG, our SDK automatically extracts all relevant data.

Use the Medical certificate scanner SDK to digitize doctors' certificates in seconds

Our medical certificate scanner SDK can be integrated into your mobile app within only three business days. Because of the automated extraction, the data processing is improved, allowing you to skip entering the data fields manually one by one. Therefore our SDK will improve the error rate while saving time, money and valuable development resources. Using the medical certificate scanner SDK is simple. Within these steps, machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms guide your users towards the best possible results.

  1. Launch the scanner SDK and hold your phone over the medical certificate you would like to scan.
  2. The SDK detects the certificate in the camera view and automatically scans it.
  3. Thereafter, the SDK recognizes the text, extracts the data and converts it into an exchangeable format.
  4. Now you can instantly use the data in your app and automate your workflows.

Which fields is the scanner SDK able to extract?

Our medical document scanner SDK can extract the following data from certificates issued in the German form standards 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d and 21.

Talk to us if you need support for your country specific forms. We can extract data from any kind of standardized document. To receive more information about our medical certificate scanner SDK feature, please get in touch with our experts.


Top Medical Certificate Scanner SDK features

Save time and avoid mistakes from manually copying the info from the certificates. You can use our SDK as an internal server solution for your backoffice or you can implement it in your app as a stand-alone offline component. Therefore, all international data privacy requirements are met.

Wide range of support

Works with the German form standards 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d and 21.

Highest data privacy

Everything happens on the device. There is no requirement for a network connection or external servers.


Customize the user interface by easily adapting the Medical Certificate Scanner SDK to your CI.

Server solution available

You can even run the detection on your internal servers. Please get in touch to learn more.

Max Stratmann

Chief Sales Officer

Find the best scanning solution for your app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the license model.

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