Data Scanner SDK

Scan various single-line combinations of numbers or letters, such as license plates, IBAN, or serial numbers, with the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK. It's easy to integrate in your iOS or Android app.

Barcode Scanner SDK

Scan selectively & use information instantly

Our Scanbot Data Scanner SDK allows you to extract information from single-line sections without the need for a full rectangular paper document. Due to the fast integration with Android and iOS, and the compatibility with data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA, the Scanbot SDK is an efficient and secure solution for every application.

Multiple kinds of data - one scanner SDK

Telephone numbers, bank details, or identification numbers of spare parts: In everyday life, you often come across sequences of numbers and letters that are very laborious to type or write down, and prone to errors. The Scanbot Data Scanner SDK offers a simple solution: Any kind of single-line information can be scanned and extracted. Combine the advantages of a document scanner with those of data extraction without being bound to specific formats. The mentioned use cases are just a few examples regarding the possible application of the Data Scanner SDK. If you have any suggestions, wishes, or questions regarding the Data Scanner, please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. We are looking forward to finding the optimal solution for your application together with you!

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How to scan

Barcode in Format scannen

Start the scanning process in your app.

Hold the device over the piece of information.

The data will be captured and checked in the blink of an eye.

Synchronization with your database

Also included in the new features is the ability to validate the scanned information immediately through your internal databases and algorithms. This eliminates the need to manually reconcile data and significantly accelerates the work process by the real-time transfer of all relevant data.


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Selective scanning

Capture just the relevant single-line information, rather than the entire document.

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Limit the scan to numbers, custom patterns, or your own code. This makes scanning the right piece of information fast and reliable.

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Stand-alone component

All data is processed exclusively on the mobile device to protect it from third-party-, or external attacks. We offer the highest level of data protection and fully comply with the GDPR and CCPA.

Personal support - We are there for you!

As a customer of the Scanbot SDK, you will continuously receive support from our developers, no matter if it's about discussing your integration, or about direct feedback.

Flexibility and transparency - our flat-rate pricing model

Clarity and transparency are vital to us. Therefore, Scanbot offers, in contrast to many other providers, a flat-rate pricing model. The price depends solely on the number of operating systems and the selected package (package 0, I, II, III). There are no fees for additional users, scans, or setup fees, so that the costs can be determined 100% in advance.

Experience it in action!

Could we spark your interest in the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK? Then check out our free Scanbot SDK Demo App for insight into our premium scanning features. The demo is available for iOS and Android and works on any smartphone or tablet. More information can be found here.

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Use Cases


Versandetikett mit Barcode


Scan any IBAN within a split second to avoid errors caused by manual input. The checksum immediately confirms the scanned number – this guarantees a fast and efficient workflow. Of course, the invoice amount or the designated purpose can also be scanned.


Bauteil mit Data Matrix


The Data Scanner SDK can capture a vehicle's identification number in a split second and compares it with external databases for verification. Thus, the 17-digit vehicle identification number no longer needs to be typed in and is instantly ready for further processing.

Bauteil mit Data Matrix

Driver license

Do you have to check the driver license of your employees regularly? The Data Scanner records the document's expiration date, and your staff member’s name fast and conveniently. We're also working on a dedicated solution for German driving licenses. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

Bauteil mit Data Matrix

License plates

License plates can also be scanned and checked in real-time using the SDK. This makes it the ideal solution for fleet management, parking solutions, and general vehicle inspection.

B2B Solutions

Bestand mit iPad managen

Name and address

If you want to capture your customers’ or guests’ most important data efficiently, the Scanbot Data Scanner offers the optimal solution. You can simply extract the person's name and address from any document.

Produktinformationen scannen

Serial numbers

Scan serial numbers on spare parts or electronic devices and retrieve all necessary information and ordering options.


Patientenarmband mit Data Matrix

Product names

Allow your customers to capture articles with missing or damaged barcodes by merely scanning the product name with the Data Scanner. This allows them to create digital shopping lists, or order products online after visiting a store without manually writing down the product names.

Medikationsplan mit dem iPad scannen

Coupon codes

Integrate the Data Scanner into your mobile app to save customers the hassle of typing in voucher codes and to avoid manual errors. The validity of the vouchers can be confirmed immediately, e.g., by checksums.

Construction industry

Ticket scannen

Customer data, serial numbers, defects, etc.

Capture any customer data or information, for example, about components or defects, efficiently with the Scanbot Data Scanner. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to register such data in handwriting, a method that is prone to errors. Furthermore, the data is safe from loss, as it can be transmitted directly.

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