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Why use the Scanbot SDK instead of developing your own solution?



10 years of experience, trusted by 200+ enterprise customers worldwide, 20 million MAU, and the fastest scanning solutions on the market.


Add powerful features to your applications without complicated integration. Integrate within just a few days.

Maintenance & updates included

Full-service flat fee – includes new features, maintenance, updates, support, and unlimited usage of the SDK.


Huge learning & testing effort

Developing a user-friendly mobile scanning solution and UI is not just about coding – the learning curve for developers is steep, and it takes endless testing to get it right.

Time-Consuming Development

Developing an accurate scanning solution requires a lot of time. What’s more, developing your own usually takes longer than predicted.

Maintenance & update burden

Keeping up with ever-advancing development environments, operating systems, and bugs is a complex, time-consuming process.

3 reasons why the Scanbot SDK is the perfect fit for enterprises

Maximum privacy & usability

Fully offline – we never process, track, or store any data on any server. Our solution complies with CCPA & GDPR and works anywhere.

Quick & easy integration

Finishing projects fast is essential for enterprises. Integrating our Scanbot SDK is easy and can be done within days.

Enterprise-level support

Our team of support engineers is eager to solve any issue in no time. Talk directly to our developers on Slack and exchange code snippets. 

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