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Scanbot for Education

Scanbot is not just a scanner: It is a whole system to capture, organize, share and work with documents. Yet Scanbot is extremely intuitive and easy to use for everyone unlike any previous solution. It is the perfect every-day-tool for your documents.

Alice, Teacher
“Scanbot makes your paperwork so much easier! I created several folders for each class and subject I teach, which gives me easy access to my classes’ files on the go and even the full history of my students.”

Capture Everything

With Scanbot you can capture lecture slides, homework, tests and info letters in seconds. Setup custom name pieces called tags to organize everything with just a few taps. For example…

Digitalise education by using Scanbot

You can also create as many folders and subfolders as you like.

Scan all documents at school to make it globally accessable
Kara, Student
“I wasn’t able to attend school for four weeks, but my friends scanned all lecture slides and notes for me. I could even hand in my scanned homework and keep up with everyone else.”

Backup & Share

Share scans quickly with predefined workflows. For example a mailing list for your class. Upload everything automatically to a cloud service or FTP server of your choice to keep everything safe or continue working on your PC or Mac.

Sensitive documents can be secured with a password and the whole app can be locked with a passcode and fingerprint (iOS only).

Scan and upload docuements to the cloud
Christine, Teacher
“I use Scanbot regularly to upload my documents to our intranet. It is fast and easy to use. My favorite feature is the smart-naming of documents! It makes searching for specific documents so much simpler.”

Work with Scans — Anytime

No matter when and where you find some time to work on your documents, Scanbot has everything you need. Add notes, draw, highlight, add your signature or even rearrange the pages and add more. If you save something for later, you can even set reminders for documents.

Jonas, Student
“I always scan my teachers’ lecture slides to keep on track during my studies. The best thing is that documents become searchable with OCR. That feature saved me many times when I was looking for a specific topic I needed to work on.”

Perfect for Teachers and Students

  • All Media

    All Media

    Scan all kinds of documents: from simple documents to whiteboards, lecture slides or books.

  • Lightning Fast

    Lightning Fast

    Start to scan immediately after launching the app. Scanning, cropping, uploading is all a matter of seconds.

  • 20 Cloud Services

    20 Cloud Services

    Scanbot supports all major clouds like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and server connections like FTP or WebDAV.

  • Workflows


    Send emails to your students or upload to cloud services and servers with one tap.

  • Text Recognition (OCR)

    Text Recognition (OCR)

    Text in your scans will be recognized and you can use it to find documents in seconds or easily copy text.

  • Safe & Secure

    Safe & Secure

    Encrypt documents and secure the access to your scans with your fingerprint (iOS only) and/or passcode.

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