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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scanbot SDK?

The Scanbot Software Development Kit (SDK) enables enterprises to integrate mobile data capture solutions into their mobile or web applications. These solutions range from Barcode Scanning over Document Scanning to intelligent Data Extraction from documents such as ID cards or checks.

Is the licensing model based on volume?

No. Because the Scanbot SDK is a fully offline solution, we never track any volume metrics and hence don’t base our licensing model on them. You can license the SDK with a yearly flat fee that covers all costs (including unlimited usage, Slack support, and new features). Please check out our Pricing page for any other questions about our licensing model.

Which companies are using the Scanbot SDK?

The Scanbot SDK is currently used by more than 250 enterprise customers globally within various industries, including Insurance, Transportation, Finance & Accounting, and Retail.

Industry leaders like AXA, DocuSign, Deutsche Bahn, Aflac, Motive, and Rimi Baltic rely on the Scanbot SDK to power mobile scanning in their apps and websites.